Spike Lee’s masterpiece, Do The Right Thing, is set during a heat wave in New York’s Brooklyn. The story, its characters and themes are all entwined with a palpable heat that emanates from the film, steadily getting hotter and hotter until the boiling point is reached in its iconic finale.

It seemed almost fitting that, as Britain hit the 100-days-to-go mark for its October deadline and Boris Johnson ascended to the political heights he has coveted throughout his career, the weather matched the political temperature of the country as a whole.

Seen as a divisive figure who inspires emotion (good and bad), we have now entered realms that would seem, just a few years ago, entirely implausible.

However, what can we expect from a Johnson premiership, especially for the real estate sector?

Deal or no deal?
The extent to which Johnson channelled Noel Edmonds throughout his campaign needs no further comment. However, what is the achievability of his pledge to leave the EU on 31 October, come what may?

Johnson’s shift to a can-do attitude has obviously played well with his Party and the membership that elected him so overwhelmingly earlier this week. However, as Leo Varadkar made clear last night, there is no appetite or even intention from Brussels to reopen negotiations on the withdrawal agreement. Throw in the current arithmetic in Parliament, the most threadbare of Conservative majorities (if you can even call it such without the supply and demand arrangement with the DUP), and deal or no deal do not even appear plausible.

So where does this leave us? Johnson has two options: attempt to repackage and rebrand Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement or hold a general election to change the odds.

Most commentators would conclude that, even if he were to attempt the former, the latter would almost certainly follow.

We’re certainly interested to know what Brenda from Bristol is saying…

What next?
Recess and then…who knows? A general election is the end game that we are likely heading toward (save events that are even more remarkable than those seen in the past year or two).

One thing, though, is for certain: it’s about to get even hotter over in Westminster.