The electorate’s decision, by a narrow majority, has created what will be a prolonged period of uncertainty for the UK, Europe and globally.

There are decisions we now need to make about the UK’s future that will, in some cases, take years to work through. With such a divided electorate, passions will be running high and it is important our politicians put the divisive campaign behind them and jointly focus on the best route forward for the UK. This is particularly important given continued political instability, as reflected this morning by the First Minister of Scotland’s statement on a second Scottish referendum.

Both sides of the debate have rightly advocated calm and cautioned against rash action. The Government now needs to live up to these words and provide the strong, decisive and clear leadership that will give us some much needed stability.

The measured and decisive response of Mark Carney and others within the city will be welcomed and has already had some influence on the market. However, the full impact on commercial real estate remains to be seen.