Underestimating UKIP is a mistake and property developers in some locations will need to think carefully about how to engage with UKIP councillors.

UKIP is now an undisputed force in local politics. Although there are no councils under UKIP control, the party has been very effective at converting support for their position on Europe into local election success.

UKIP’s Local Election Manifesto promises to oppose what it sees as over-development and “introduce binding local planning referendums on major decisions such as out-of-town or large-scale supermarket developments, wind turbines, incinerators, solar farms, major housing developments and transport schemes like HS2.” Delivering on these kind of pledges is another issue but this is an interesting insight into UKIP views on development.

Clearly, there is a compelling case for engagement with UKIP if they have secured a high number of seats in locations where you have a commercial interest.