Sir Edward Lister, Boris Johnson’s Deputy Mayor of London for Planning, has announced a further significant reappraisal and update to the suite of London-wide planning documents.

Following the recently published London 2020 Vision, which sets out how the GLA will tackle the predicted rise in London’s population to 10 million by the end of the decade, there will be a new strategic infrastructure plan and a major review of the London Plan.

The drawing up of a new strategic infrastructure plan has been mooted on and off over the past few years. For example, business group London First’s Infrastructure Commission suggested such a move in 2010. It emphasised the need for improved long-term planning at a London level in a bid to mirror national policy revisions. More recently, in May this year, the GLA’s London Finance Commission reported that the Mayor should be “required to develop a practical, high-level capital investment plan for London”, a recommendation now taken up.

While no timeframe for reporting has been set, the strategic infrastructure plan will be drafted concurrently with a further review of the London Plan, which is becoming Forth Rail Bridge-like. First published in 2004, this overarching spatial development strategy was revised and republished in 2008 and again in 2011. The 2011 Plan in effect lasts until 2031 so the newly announced revision will ‘roll it forward’ to cover up to at least 2036 but possibly as far as 2050. However, as it is to include as yet unspecified major alterations, a significant amount of drafting and consultation can be expected before it is finally published.