Our retail landscape is changing. This is no surprise, but the direction that the industry is likely to take is a continual source of discussion; if anything, the transformation seems to be accelerating. Retail will always be necessary, but the how, where and when look set to be dramatically reshaped. New ways of purchasing goods, and new expectations about experiences, are already influencing the retail spaces of the future as they take shape in architects’ studios and in planning applications.

This week around 2,500 members of the great and good of the UK retail property industry will congregate in Liverpool for Revo 2017. Over two days, we will discuss what the major disruptors are likely to be in the future, how online shopping has affected the high street, and how the increasing prominence of pop-ups has shifted the perception of traditional retail.

It would of course be remiss of us to forget Brexit when looking at the future of retail. Recent months have seen a number of retail insolvencies – perhaps as a result of the cautious consumer, or a sign that investment in the UK retail property market is slowing down. Revo will be the perfect place to further understand this shift.

We are looking forward to hearing from owners and developers, funding and investment specialists, digital and innovation experts, and more besides. If you are attending Revo, do drop the Redwood team a line. Kate, Hattie, Danielle and Natasha will be in Liverpool for the conference and look forward to seeing you there.