Brexit and the floundering high street have dominated headlines this year and will no doubt dominate discussions this week at MAPIC 2018.

The two issues seem doomed to be tied together – in the press at least. And it appears with the weight of Brexit round his neck, the Chancellor failed to give bricks and mortar retailers the support they needed in his budget a few weeks ago, much to the reported dismay of the industry.

However, those of us in the industry know the national press, with its hunger for sensationalist headlines, is not showing the full picture. Destination retail locations will continue to be just that as we move forward. Some high street locations may well need reinventing, but this is where we are starting to see different uses in our town centres to match the needs of the people they serve.

We are seeing these positive trends at our clients’ mixed-use schemes across the country, many of whom we’ll be supporting at MAPIC, including Edinburgh St James and Islington Square. This week also offers an opportunity to share ideas across borders and we’ll likewise be working with our non-UK clients to promote innovative ideas from other European cities, such as the developers of FÖMO Store and The Lobby Stockholm with their plug-and-play formats.

We look forward to sharing these ideas with our clients and contacts this week, as well as, crucially, the media to help move the debate ever onwards.