UKREiiF is fast approaching – less than a week away – and as the industry looks to Leeds, excitement is building following the success of Mipim earlier this year.

Shirin Iqbal, Associate Director at Redwood Consulting takes a look at the top three things to look out for next week at UKREiiF.

Will UKREiiF top the success of last year’s conference?

For its inaugural conference last year, UKREiiF was a resounding success even though  the residual effects of Covid were still felt at Mipim 2022.  This year  over 20,000 professionals attended  MIPIM, we’re now  seeing huge take-up of places at UKREiiF with over 6,000 already registered to attend. For many reasons local councils can more easily bring a delegation to a conference in Leeds than to the south of France, and we’re seeing local councils attending in force, which provides a unique opportunity for developers and investors to meet and discuss opportunities with everyone in one place.

Will there be deals and big announcements following UKREiiF?

After the industry’s optimism and anticipation of deals at the start of 2023, blockbuster transactions have been a bit thin on the ground, with insiders now looking towards Q4 and further out to 2024 for momentum to really pick-up. But will we see magic happen as a result of conversations and meetings next week in Leeds?

Will UKREiiF provide a silver bullet for sustainability?

Echoing the theme at  MIPIM, there’s a strong focus on ESG in Leeds next week. But beyond providing a talking shop, can the industry provide – or find – answers to the challenge that buildings are currently responsible for 39% of global energy related carbon emissions (according to the World Green Building Council

There’s no doubting the rising anticipation ahead of UKREiiF next week; let’s hope the outcomes live up to the hype, and the weather is as glorious as it was last year. The Redwood team will be out in force in Leeds – do get in touch if you would like to set up a meeting with us whilst at Conference.