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Anti-listing strategy

Redwood Consulting was retained as communications consultant on Centre:mk for over a decade. During that time Redwood worked for Hermes Real Estate alongside Dai-ichi, Lend Lease and the Prudential to oversee a wide range of political and PR issues and proactively sought opportunities to profile the ongoing asset management and development initatives.

In Redwood’s role as chair of the Political and Communications Strategy Group, it was responsible for managing the third defence of the shopping centre against Listing. The carefully thoughtout strategy, signed off by the joint owners, involved a targeted media campaign at national, trade, regional and local level as well as a proactive strategy for securing political support both locally and nationally.

The key messages delivered in the series of briefings were underpinned by Redwood’s extensive research into the ongoing national Listed buildings debate and through securing public support of national retailers and industry bodies such as BCSC.

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