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Pro Bono and events

Redwood is proud to offer pro-bono communications and PR support to LandAid as part of the charity’s fundraising activity, which harnesses the property industry’s expertise and goodwill. Over the past few years Redwood has developed its relationship with LandAid to the degree where we now work as an extension to the internal team.

The team directly supports CEO Paul Morrish in determining and delivering the charity’s strategic direction. While recognition of LandAid is strong, there is a desire to directly engage with a larger proportion of the industry – outside of company principals – and raise awareness as to how charitable donations are spent, thereby gaining long term buy-in to LandAid’s cause.

Moreover, there is a drive to involve industry figures in pro-bono work at LandAid’s projects, as opposed to merely giving. This objective has a knock on benefit in terms of PR, adding an extra dimension of interest in LandAid’s projects, particularly at a regional level.

Redwood is heavily involved in all of LandAid’s events – from the initial brainstorm on potential concepts, day to day management and developing a media plan where appropriate to encourage attendance and raise post event awareness.

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