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Seville City One

UK journalists sample taste of Seville

In October 2023, Redwood worked in partnership with the organising committee for the Seville City One Conference to promote real estate and infrastructure investment opportunities in the city and across Southern Spain.


The conference was aimed at attracting inward investment from international real estate and infrastructure funds to help unlock projects in Seville and allow it to become the leading city in Southern Spain.


Redwood’s role was to promote the Seville City One conference to UK and Pan-European media publications, and invite journalists to the conference where they could visit some of the landmark projects taking place across the city.


Redwood was able to attract reporters from both the pan-European press and UK real estate media to the conference in Seville, as well as organise interviews for key organising committee spokespeople with both real estate and investment publications.


This resulted in several pieces of media coverage focusing on investment opportunities in Seville appearing across the UK and Pan-European media following the conference.

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