Leading industry trade body BCSC has recently published its latest research report, Cutting Carbon, Cutting Costs: Achieving Performance in Retail Fit Outs which uses data from case studies to analyse the environmental and financial case for low carbon fit out. Working with Helen Drury, Redwood secured interviews and features with Sustain and Building, which recently published a three page feature on the subject, positioning BCSC as the authoritative voice on the issue.

The report is the first to look at the issue of low carbon fit outs in existing buildings, rather than the design and construction phases of new buildings. In a climate of rising energy prices, by making small relatively low cost changes to existing properties, retailers and landlords stand to make substantial savings on their energy bills. In order to demonstrate this a number of case studies were used, including the Mall, Camberley which has reduced the number of kilowatt hours used by 48.4% and a total saving of £180,000 through training and monitoring.

The report has been well received and has featured prominently in a number of trade publications. The findings were also presented at a breakfast seminar, attended by Redwood, earlier in February which was chaired by a panel of BCSC Low Carbon Working Group members. Redwood continues to support BCSC as it commences work on the sequel to its follow up report, expected before the end of the year.