The Redwood Consulting team has been working in close partnership with The People’s Bureau a Delancey sponsored arts project at The Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre. The project was devised and produced by artists Eva Sajovic and Rebecca Davies and has seen a series of public workshops take place where members of the local community have been invited to attend, share ideas and exchange knowledge.

People's Bureau

An area rich in cultural diversity, Delancey is committed to retaining Elephant & Castle as a vibrant community hub for London’s Zone 1. With Delancey’s support The People’s Bureau aim to work with local people to co-design and customise one of the centre’s iconic shopping carts to create something permanent that will return in the future as part of a regenerated Elephant & Castle town centre, thus connecting the old Elephant with the new.

Redwood has been working with the local press to raise awareness of the events and with other local community and arts group to encourage collaboration in the future. A full video of recent events can be viewed here.