Scenes of riots and looting throughout the UK beamed around the world last week and it was plain for all to see the damage caused to shops, other businesses and homes. It led to an extremely busy week for Redwood, with a number of clients affected by the disturbances.

As the UK press went into overdrive, reporting on the damage rioters caused to high-streets across the country, the retail and property press began to speculate on how the industry would bounce back from the disturbances. As the Redwood team fielded press calls, issued reactive statements and provided advice to our clients, we kept a careful eye on how the events unfolded and were portrayed in the media.

Now, as normality returns to the streets of London and beyond, it will be interesting to see how the government, our communities and our businesses will repair the damage caused by the rioters, and how we can work to ensure the same doesn’t happen in our cities again.