On April 25 2016, the industry media reported over 70 property VIPs had pledged their support to LandAid in its new mission to end youth homelessness in the UK. Amongst the signatures, Redwood joined companies including Legal and General, JLL and CBRE, to stand behind LandAid’s aim to unite the industry to end youth homelessness.

As well as signing the pledge, Redwood provides pro-bono communications and PR support to LandAid – the property industry charity. Having been retained by the team for over four years, Redwood has been influential in advising the charity in launching its new strategy and positioning it to the industry media. Redwood has set up a collaborative working group made up of Estates Gazette, Property Week and CoStar to ensure maximum exposure for the charity’s initiatives – this is the first time all three editors have worked together on one project.

Pia Choudhury, Associate Director at Redwood said: “We are proud to support LandAid and are honoured to play a part in determining and delivering the charity’s strategic direction. We have seen its influence grow significantly in recent years, and it is great to now see so many industry leaders engaging with its activities and pledging to support its new charitable objective. This really is testament to the tremendous difference the charity makes to improving the lives of young people in the UK.”

LandAid, the property industry charity, aims to bring the property industry together to fund project that deliver life-changing services for young homeless people. Commenting on behalf of the charity Paul Morrish, Chief Executive of LandAid, added: “Youth homelessness is an avoidable and unnecessary tragedy. While we’re familiar with the great work that the charity sector does to help young people in difficulty, it is great to see the property world stand up and stand together as the first industry sector ever to take on the challenge to do what it can, over the next 10 years, to help end youth homelessness.”

To show your support and join the movement, go to LandAid’s website: http://www.landaid.org/join-our-campaign

LandAid’s pledge

No young person should have to experience homelessness. That so many do, and that hundreds will sleep rough in cities and towns across the UK, is a major challenge for all of us.

We represent over 100 of the most influential businesses in the UK. Whether developers, constructors, or agents we are all leaders within the property industry. Between us we support much charitable activity, but what unites us is our support for LandAid, the property industry charity.

Today we write to show our support for LandAid’s new ambition – to work with its supporters across the property industry, with other funders and charities, and with government to help tackle and end the scourge of youth homelessness.

We recognise the complex range of issues that can lead to young people becoming homeless: family breakdown; lack of housing; substance misuse, mental health problems; and a history of care to name but a few.

But, through the work of LandAid, we are determined to support charities across the UK and to play our part in helping to prevent, protect and provide for those young people, and to promote their cause however we can.

We live in very challenging times. There are limits to what central and local government can and will do. Business has no easy panacea for social problems, but it can play a significant part in helping to support a society in which we all are safe, housed, employed and fulfilled.

We are committed to helping end youth homelessness, are excited that our charity, LandAid, is determined to play its part in realising that ambition over the coming years, and invite our peers across the industry to join our ranks.
To show your support and join the movement, go to LandAid’s website: http://www.landaid.org/join-our-campaign