• In a world where e-commerce has revolutionised the way we shop, but Covid left a whole population yearning for human connection, do retail spaces have the potential to be dynamic hubs of creativity and interaction?
  • Could they, and should they, serve as more than just places to buy products?
  • As an industry ruled by financial returns, how do we measure the impact retail can bring, if it’s no longer purely transactional and based on sales results?

In an era of rapid change, one thing is certain: the future of retail holds boundless opportunities for reinvention and re-imagination. Join Redwood MD Kate Bourne who is chairing a panel of industry thought leaders each offering unique insights into the intersection of retail, leisure, and urban development at the conference to redefine retail.

Redwood has supported Lunson Mitchenall in the curation of the event, helping to secure speakers and advising on the content of the session which  promises insights into innovative retail design, customer engagement, sustainability, and integrating technology for enhanced convenience. Stay for networking drinks afterwards.