On Tuesday (16 May), Redwood attended the launch of the revised ‘Heritage Works’ publication. Commissioned by the British Property Federation (BPF), Historic England and RICS, and published by Deloitte Real Estate, ‘Heritage Works’ is a toolkit for best practice in the use of historic buildings in regeneration.

There are an estimated 376,000 listed buildings on the National Heritage List for England, and while many are well maintained, heritage assets can also be perceived as an obstacle to regeneration. ‘Heritage Works’ offers guidance on how to approach utilising historic buildings in regeneration, as they offer an important opportunity to help retain local character and the distinctiveness of a local area.

The publication acknowledges that heritage assets can be a costly investment, and outlines that the key is to find a viable use for the asset that will not only benefit the individual building, but also the wider area and community. The impact of successful schemes can be felt beyond the boundaries of the asset and can boost the economy of the whole town or city.

The launch featured a number of speakers, including representatives from the BPF, Deloitte, Network Rail, Pollard Thomas Edwards and Historic England. As well as delving into the details of the revised publication and its practical implications, the speakers focused on two successful case studies – Deptford Market Yard and Devonshire House. Both these restorations of Grade II listed buildings are examples of how successful restorations can stimulate the proliferation of new ventures in the wider community, positively impacting the economy all while maintaining the historical character of the area.