At Redwood Consulting, our work is not defined by borders. We are active members of the International PR Network (IPRN) – a fast-growing global collective of independent PR agencies that can work together to offer unparalleled representation to clients who have global needs and opportunities.

Where a specific international campaign requires feet-on-the-ground, we access specialist resources through our IPRN membership to enable clients to launch their brand or scheme in any location, engaging with local stakeholders and making an impact in new markets.

This year, IPRN celebrates 25 years as one of the world’s largest networks of owner-led PR firms,  with a presence in 105 cities and 41 countries, covering more than 80 markets. IPRN’s reputation as an international competitive body for winning international work has been growing, thanks to its local knowledge and global reach throughout the world by agency owners who are international experts in many industry sectors.

As membership numbers reach a record high, IPRN has launched a new brand and website in addition to a new strategic plan to strengthen its presence and position and keep member agencies at the forefront of communications in a post-Covid world.