Fifteen years in property PR, but a First Timer at the world’s leading property industry event – Redwood’s Christina Gillings gives her view from La Croisette.

Having been to numerous conferences in my career, there is nothing that can quite prepare you for the MIPIM buzz. It gathers a plethora of personalities and people who executed ‘thought-leadership’ before we PRs made it a thing; an exhibition space so big that you wish you’d taken snacks and walking boots, and more countries than one can visit in a lifetime.

Over 26,000 people, 3,100 exhibitors, 100 countries, five days, 25 press briefings, 20+ articles secured for clients, several panel sessions, a buzzing London stand, lunches, dinners, numerous cups of coffee, and plenty of French food… that was Redwood’s MIPIM 2018.

The five-strong Redwood team took to the blue carpet and soaked up the atmosphere of another productive MIPIM. Steeped in sunshine or drenched in the downpour, positive sentiment was clear. For the 29th year running, the global property event brought to life the latest trends across all sectors from all corners of the earth. From the rising demand of Grade A regional office space across the UK, to the ever-changing world-wide retail market, industry experts traded stances on how to keep the market moving. Logistics, not necessarily seen as the sexiest of sectors (sorry, but, you know?) was the hottest topic of all – and as was evident from day one, everyone is in it for the race for shed space. Proptech was also the buzzword of the week – with all keen to see the latest in product innovation, who is working on it, and where.

Yet, although expansive in many ways, the numerous familiar, friendly faces of the property industry reminded me of the small world we work in. Verdict? Vast and fast-paced, yet home of the property industry, MIPIM remains a key place for business for Team Redwood.

Now, to prepare. As MIPIM 2019 marks 30 years of the gathering, and as Redwood celebrates its 25th anniversary, we feel it only appropriate to start a campaign in true millennial style… #80stheme #justsaying