Redwood Consulting, led by our new Public Affairs Account Director Antony Calvert, will be attending all three major party conferences in late September/early October providing our clients with a unique opportunity to find out what each political party is discussing before they present it in the media or in parliament.

The party conference season is the time of year where the major political parties get together before the start of the new parliamentary session. Each party conference is slightly different, but all have one over-riding aim; to prepare party policy and discuss the major issues facing the country.

Conferences are usually great places to tap into potential changes in government policy, or that of the Labour opposition, before it happens.

Redwood can tailor each client’s needs to suit whichever conference is most relevant. We would produce a full report complete with tailored political analysis. For example, the major Energy and Climate Change legislation would be thoroughly debated at Chris Huhne’s Liberal Democrat conference. Planning and localism legislation and its implications would have more prominence at the Conservative conference. If there are any major London or key inner city regeneration issues the Labour Party conference would provide the most relevant commentary and political intelligence.


Conference dates in the 2011 season are as follows:

Liberal Democrats: 17th – 21st September in Birmingham

Labour: 25th – 29th September in Liverpool

Conservative: 2nd – 5th October in Manchester.