Alex Smith

Account Manager

The full story

Alex works on a range of client accounts, from corporate communications advice to private investment firms to supporting mixed-use retail and leisure developments.

Alex joined Redwood from the internal communications department of the UK’s leading children’s charity where she started out as an apprentice in the corporate directorate and made her way into communications after showing a keen interest.

Alex has a passion for politics, languages, music, photography and dressmaking as well as performing the occasional French ballad at various open mic nights.

The City that inspires me the most…

Berlin for sure. The art, culture and history is encapsulating and it’s made home to some of my most fondest memories including recording a soundtrack for film, performing in a friends play and meeting my hip-hop hero.

My desert-island disc would be...

Soundtrack to the film Drive. Made up of beautifully hypnotic synth-pop filled with the ambience and underlying tensions of the super cool urban thriller. Compiled by Cliff Martinez (drummer from RHCP), it features electro masterminds Chromatics and Kavinsky. My favourite track is Under Your Spell by Desire. A wonderful soundscape that sends you away to neon lights and fast cars in an 80’s L.A.