Debbie Cracknell

Chief Investment Officer

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Debbie’s corporate communications specialism lies in the handling of complex strategic issues for her clients, which include financial institutions and fund managers. An intelligent and focused approach ensures she delivers innovative and practical communications advice across her client base.

Over a 25-year career, Debbie has worked with many of the champions of the property industry and been involved in diverse projects, including the sale of a NASA space shuttle.

Debbie has degrees in both Economics and Journalism and is a member of the Institute of Marketing. She joined Founding Directors Liz and Lucy in 1994 as a Director of Redwood, and she is today responsible for resourcing and client account management.

Debbie’s diverse interests include tennis, photography and canoeing in the Swedish lakes.

If I hadn’t gone into communications, I would probably have wanted to be

A spy

My desert island disc or book….

Tom Hardy’s ‘Return of the Native’ and the song ‘Amazing Grace’