Gregory Ford

Senior Account Executive

The full story

Greg brings over three years’ experience working in Parliament for the Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP during the pandemic, Rt Hon Liz Truss MP during her time as Foreign Secretary and Prime Minister, and Steve Baker MP. An experienced parliamentary aide, his responsibilities have included running successful campaigns, chairing meetings with the MPs’ constituents, creating social media strategies and executing these across all platforms, advising on media engagement, preparing the MPs for media appearances and management of the MPs’ office teams. Greg has built up a wide network across politics and Parliament, regularly engaging with Cabinet ministers, journalists, Think Tanks and other stakeholders.

In his time working for Matt, Greg ran his social media, showing the progress of the vaccine rollout, whilst also preparing content for morning media rounds, press conference and appearances in the House of Commons. Greg was also part of the Liz Truss’ successful leadership campaign in 2022. Greg then returned to working for Matt Hancock, helping to lead on the UK Covid-19 Inquiry.

Greg graduated from Essex University in 2020 with a BA (Hons.) in Politics, and also spent a year studying at the University of Arkansas in the USA. He was involved in politics over in the States and helped in both Associate Student Government campaigns and regional politics campaigning. Outside of work, Greg is a big fan of both (what he now calls) proper football and American football, having two family season tickets at Arsenal. He also hopes that his NFL team, The Dallas Cowboys, come to London soon.


The city that inspires me the most…

Fayetteville in Arkansas USA – such an incredible city and the university campus is beautiful.

My desert island disc or book …

The Great Gatsby – it’s one of the ones I studied in school that I actually liked and has since gone on to become my favourite.