Oliver Trowell

Account Executive


The full story

Oliver joined Redwood in 2019 as an intern before taking on a full time role working across the public affairs and public relations teams. Since his arrival he has contributed towards a variety of stakeholder engagement strategies and public consultation campaigns, as well as providing political analysis and media monitoring for a number of Redwood clients.

Alongside working, he has recently completed his BA in Politics and International Relations. He is adept at providing political analysis and has written extensively on conflict, international relations and civil society initiatives.

Oliver has worked extensively with stakeholders and political leaders in his south-east London community to support a number of charitable causes on a voluntary basis. He has a keen interest in the role of civil society in political discourse and has spent the past decade documenting the redevelopment of areas within London and the varied response from community leaders and local politicians.

Outside of work, Oliver enjoys baseball, travelling, photography and spending time outdoors.

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