Rebecca Blanchard-Zintout

Account Executive


The full story

Rebecca started her career in broadcast media as a journalist and assistant producer for an international news outlet. However, Rebecca was drawn to PR and wanted to take a more active role in the creation of stories and news and joined Redwood Consulting in February 2020. Her portfolio of clients includes both mixed-used retail schemes and regeneration projects. Here, she is able to apply her previous experience in politics and journalism to advise her clients on their PR strategy and create bespoke media exposure in line with the day-to-day news flow.

Rebecca is a two-time Masters’ graduate in both International Public and Political Communication and Social Studies. Outside of work, Rebecca’s passions involve campaigning alongside a local civil society organisation, planning trips with her pets and debating the pronunciation of French dishes with her English friends.

If I hadn’t gone into communications, I would probably have wanted to be a…

Florist! I might already be one with all the plants I am taking care of at home. I love the idea of communicating different messages through flowers, it’s a form of art!

I had the greatest retail or dining experience at…

Lokanta 1741, Istanbul. The restaurant is on the roof of a traditional Ottoman bath and the atmosphere is amazing (and the food!).