Rob Foster

Senior Account Manager


The full story

Rob is a communications consultant with over seven years’ experience working in politics, public affairs and public relations. Before moving into public relations, Rob worked for a think tank , a Conservative MP in Parliament, and a large public affairs consultancy (but not all at the same time).

Rob has successfully brought his experience in campaigning and advocacy to projects in the voluntary, public and private sectors. In addition, Rob has helped create effective stakeholder relation programmes and run community consultations for clients in boroughs across London and beyond. His experience has included working with clients such as M&G Real Estate, Great Portland Estates, The Crown Estate, Transport for London, Galliard Homes, London Square, St William, Barratt Homes, First Base and Linden Homes.

The person I wish would follow me on Twitter is…

Louis Theroux.

The city that inspires me the most…

San Francisco.