Rory Puxley

Account Manager

The full story

Rory works across a number of public affairs accounts, helping deliver political intelligence and stakeholder engagement for development consultations.

After graduating with a degree in politics from Loughborough University, Rory went on to work in Westminster for a Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament, and campaigned for the party at a number of general and local elections. After a spell in print journalism for a London newspaper, he has worked across a variety of public affairs sectors, including corporate communications, built environment, and renewable energy, being part of a team that saw amendments put to the Energy Act 2016.

Outside of work Rory is into music, with an eclectic taste, something which follows in his loves for literature, writing and travel.

I had the greatest retail or dining experience at…

Rules restaurant in Covent Garden, I’m always game for a meal there…

My desert island disc or book….

A compilation of Vulfpeck, Yung Lean and Bob Dylan. If pushed to take just one song, it would have to be La femme d’argent by Air. It’s the kind of music I imagine would play in the lifts in heaven…